Scholarship & Financial Aid

FCU offers three kinds of financial aid. NT$120,000(or Full tuition fee), NT$ 60,000(or Half tuition fee) and NT$30,000 for one academic year.

In accordance with the Feng Chia University Implementation Guidelines for Feng Chia University Guidelines for Strengthening Educational and Labor Rights for Student Part-time Assistants, the college will offer relevant research or service opportunities to students who receive financial aids. Each college will use their own procedures to enforce the financial aid rules.

If the financial aid recipient is found not applied and obtained a work permit, or falsified any information on his/her financial aid application, the financial aid decision shall be revoked. Any financial aid funds received by the recipient shall be returned. Students must have completed tuition payment, registration and course selection procedures for the year for which the financial aids is awarded.

International Students

Scholarship & Financial Aid

International students who are individually admitted by the university. Scholarships and bursaries are classified into admission scholarships and bursaries, and in-study bursaries. The list of successful candidates and the number of awards are approved according to the merits.